Summary of Fund Services

FIM’s service offering may be summarised as the specialist provision of all ‘non-investment’ functions to investment companies. Depending on the needs of the clients, this outsourcing model may entail either management of all day-to-day operations, or of a limited range of functions.

By keeping such operations separate from the investment management, board independence is assured and shareholder interests are better served by the elimination of potential conflicts. FIM’s service offering enables investment managers to focus on their core function.

For investment companies for whom questions of tax jurisdiction are critical, the breadth and depth of services performed provides real substance to offshore management and control. However, not all clients are domiciled in the Isle of Man or other offshore jurisdictions, and the Isle of Man location played no role in their selection of FIM as service provider.

In addition, based on FIM’s experience of administering a wide range of funds and the backgrounds of key staff, FIM is in a strong position to offer practical advice and “hands-on” support to the Boards and Investment Managers of its clients. If required, FIM not only provides routine back-office services, but it can also perform management duties which normally would be carried out by a company’s executive management. In other words, FIM fills a vacuum which frequently exists in a fund structure consisting of only non-executive directors and third-party managers.