General Commercial Support

FIM’s approach is to go beyond the provision of basic services if required, and provide support which is more commercial in nature.  Examples of  ways in which FIM has become involved with its client companies include:

  • Support or coordinate transactions, both on investment side (acquisitions, disposals etc.) and on shareholder side (capital raising or returns to shareholders)
  • Initiate and/or manage reviews of structure for tax and operational efficiency, acting as primary contact point for external advisers
  • Review offerings of other third party service providers, put services out to tender and negotiate fees
  • Preparation of legal documents, liaising with professional advisers if appropriate
  • Challenge financial information in situations of alleged mismanagement of conflicts of interest
  • Carry out in-depth investigations into investment transactions
  • Provision of nominee services, including in situations in which shareholdings may be in contention
  • Depending on nature, drafting or review of published documents e.g. prospectuses, investor update
  • Assist in dealing with shareholder activism, capital restructurings, litigation etc