Fund Services Overview

Fund Administration

Our aim is to provide a high level of personal service, prompt communication and excellent organisational skills based on technical expertise and many years experience.

A focus on these skills means we do things well, first time around. Above all, where possible we don’t overcomplicate. This is of key importance in fund administration. We deliver accounting, shareholder, secretarial, corporate governance, compliance and valuation services to both open ended and closed-ended vehicles, with a particular expertise in managing and administering Quoted Companies. Our professional team continually add value to the businesses we are asked to administer and adopt a ‘head above the parapet’ approach.

Our philosophy & approach

FIM Capital aims to deliver the highest of service and performance standards across its range of fund administration and investment management disciplines. We offer a comprehensive service to clients wishing to establish fund structures offshore. The Company is managed by professionals with a long history in the provision of fund administration services who between them have a significant amount of experience in designing and assisting with the creation of offshore schemes.

Our expertise extends to administering a wide range of structures including closed ended companies with a listing, open ended investment companies, unit trusts and limited partnerships.

Our services

Specifically we offer:

  • Start-up services. We can assist in: selecting the appropriate structure; making introductions to banks, brokers, professional advisers and potential non-executive directors; dealing with regulatory matters
  • Accounting and financial reporting services
  • Net asset value calculations and pricing
  • Stock exchange notifications and public information services
  • Sponsorship of investment vehicles which wish to become listed on The International Stock Exchange
  • Shareholder and registrar services
  • Compliance and regulatory services
  • Investment management services where required

Further Details

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