Fund Administration Services

We understand that a third-party service provider such as FIM Capital will be needed to perform the following range of activities as a minimum to the proposed new fund:

  • Provision of all corporate services, including but not limited to domiciliation, regulatory and shareholder services
  • Preparation of legal structures, such as incorporation of new fund company, and assistance in preparation of all governing documents, supporting client in drafting and implementation of corporate policies / procedures
  • Compliance with all requirements of IOM Financial Services Authority and with with all other statutory and taxation regulations (e.g. CRS, FATCA)
  • Take-on procedures for shareholders, including regulatory due diligence, and thereafter processing shareholder subscriptions and redemptions at quarterly dealing point, maintenance of shareholder register
  • Arranging and attending Board and Committee meetings and minute taking, either remotely or in person, as required, and collation / preparation of board packs
  • Arranging and attending shareholder meetings, including the drafting, printing and mailing of notices; collation and monitoring of proxies received
  • Coordination and support for contracts, including both investment transactions and service provider contracts
  • Provision of nominee services where required
  • Any other general management and administration services as required, such as conference call facilities