Pound a Day Portfolio™

The Pound a Day Portfolio™ is an ideal investment platform for investors with £25,000 or more to invest. The investment management fee is, as the title suggests, one pound a day or £365 a year (extra leap year days are free!).

There are four types of Pound a Day Portfolios:

The ‘Collective’ Portfolio invests into 9 carefully chosen investment funds, selected for their track record, their diversity and their quality and liquidity.

The ‘Selective’ Portfolio invests into 12 high quality UK equities, also chosen for their diversity as well as their potential for dividend growth. The overriding consideration, however, is that each company must have an unbroken track record of dividend increases for at least 13 years. The universe for such securities is, therefore, quite small but the investment discipline which we place on this portfolio provides reassurance over the longevity of the individual underlying companies and their ability to withstand external shocks, such as the 2008 banking crisis.

The ‘Selective Growth’ Portfolio invests into 15 mid cap stocks also chosen for their unbroken dividend track record but with a slightly shorter period of approaching 7 years and they must belong to the FTSE250 at time of selection. The objective is to identify stocks which have a proven record and are financially strong but are yet to grow to the level at which they could progress into the FTSE 100.

Finally, the ‘American Selective’ Portfolio invests into 16 US equities also with at least a 15 year period of unbroken dividend growth.

Other features of the Pound a Day Portfolio include a regular savings scheme and a full online valuation service. Clients benefit from the full range of services available to all FIM Capital clients, including regular investment reports, income schedules and cash statements. Each Pound a Day Portfolio accumulates dividends which can either be reinvested back into the portfolio for enhanced returns or paid away each calendar quarter.

Please note that all third party costs (at discounted institutional rates) such as brokerage, settlement and custody fees will be deducted without mark up as and when they become due.

For further information relating to the Pound a Day Portfolios please visit the following website https://poundadayportfolio.com/